Public Whistleblowers

Normally, whistleblowers disclose wrong-doings about their employers and are afraid of doing so, as they risk losing their job and pension.

Among McKenzie Friends and Angels, as we view them, are people who blow the whistle on

  • Public Service Institutions
  • in the Public Interest
  • for Public Protection.

For example:

Family Courts:


  • Tony Farrell – whistleblower of South Yorkshire Police as principal intelligence analyst;
  • Peter Hofschroer – Yorkshire Police – from Austria;
  • Maurice Kirk – South Wales Police, NHS, Caswell Clinic, Judiciary.

Public Services Corruption: 

  • Gordon Bowden – investigator into public corruption;
  • Patrick Cullinane – victim of Inland Revenue who stole his house;
  • Mr Ebert – victim of house repossession and whistleblower of faked court documents;
  • Len Lawrence – Pilot poisoned by organophospates in aeroplanes;
  • Peter Oakes – business man fraudulently imprisoned and bankrupted by the ‘legal mafia’ who also has evidence of child ‘export’ aka trafficking’;
  • George Wescott – one of thousands of farmers poisoned by organosphates imposed by Government on sheep dipping.


  • Meirion Bowen – whistleblower of Swansea Council and Dyfed Powys Police re embezzlement of public funds, fraudulent conduct and the manufacture of counterfeit software and porn;
  • Robert Green – whistleblower of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Hollie Greig case;
  • Bill Maloney – abuse survivor of care homes and documentary filmmaker;
  • Ian McFadyen – whistleblower of Child Abuse in Care Homes;
  • Brian Pead – currently in prison – abuse survivor, whistleblower of Child Sexual Abuse in Lambeth Council and victim of three Police forces;
  • Melanie Shaw – Nottingham Council: Survivor of Child Abuse in Care Homes
  • Mickey Summers – Nottingham Council: Survivor of Child Abuse in Care Homes.

Satanic Ritual Abuse: 

  • Victoria Ash – trying to ‘process’ her childhood experiences since the birth of her first son
  • Beatrix Campbell: Listen to the Children – Programme for Channel IV’s Despatches in 1990
  • Angela Power d’Isney – survivor and video publisher
  • David Shurter –  author and video publisher – confirming from his own experience as Cult Survivor what the Hampstead Children have described.

Judiciary and Civil /Criminal Courts:

  • Paulette Cooper – wealthy business woman, victimised by professionals across the board of real estate and business management;
  • Caul Grant – having lost his son to the NHS, he was falsely imprisoned and studied the law;
  • Norman Scarth – won in the European Court of Human Rights re Article 6 [Right to Fair Trial] and the right to a PUBLIC hearing – not secret ‘in chambers’ – as the start of being hounded and imprisoned until he fled to Ireland;
  • Chris Spivey – Cover-Ups, The New World Order, The Truth about the EU.


Secret Services:


  • Tony Gosling – former BBC reporter who exposes the Bilderberg group and local wrongdoings;
  • David Icke – presumably the biggest mouthpiece for the links between paedophilia, child abuse, satanism, secret societies and the criminality of the Establishment;
  • Sonia Poulton – reporting on Children, Finance, Environment, Global Agenda, Health, Politics, Psychology, Society.