McKenzie Friends

McKenzie Friends‘ have existed in UK courts ever since the McKenzie vs McKenzie case in 1970.

Belinda McKenzie, a McKenzie Friend by name and by nature, is a human rights activist fluent in six languages, and suggested to form the Association of McKenzie Friends.

An Association of McKenzie Friends became necessary on a number of occasions, especially when helping Litigants in Person who are in prison – on remand, i.e. unconvicted:

McKenzie Friends assist Litigants in Person – either because the victims can’t afford a solicitor or have lost faith in their legal representation.

The latter became particularly evident in the case of victims of secret family courts: parents who lost their children to Social Services, aided by Police.

After many victims turned starfighters helped individually, eventually the Association of McKenzie Friends was created – as a voluntary network of self-funded, self-motivated individuals helping each other and victims of white collar crimes.